About Us

Stephen Daniels started his electrical contracting business in 1979. Steve and his company have established a reputation for excellent workmanship in electrical updating and repairs for our community. They take pride in rewiring older homes while preserving plaster walls and other cherished architectural features.

Stephen Daniels Electrical Contractors supports the reutilization of existing structures in order to decrease new construction on Lancaster County's valuable land.

Daniels Difference

Stephen Daniels Electrical contractors has made sure that new electrical work does not interfere with the quality and beauty of Lancaster County's older homes. Stephen and his crew have carefully developed new methods and machined new tools all with the goal of preserving cherished homes while updating the homes electrical components. On top of that, special care and attention is paid to making sure that you furniture and floors are as clean as they were before the work started.

Stephen Daniels Electric can install new receptacles, switches, and lighting WITHOUT cutting open walls, drilling holes in your floors, or trying to hide it under ugly conduit! All wiring is safely and discreetly placed within your walls.