About Us

Having a passion for older homes and buildings is a common desire shared between Stephen and Monica Daniels, owners of Stephen M. Daniels Electrical Contractors, Inc. Established in 1979, the business specializes in the electrical updating of older residences.

Stephen Daniels has acquired a team of highly trained professional electricians that specialize in the rewiring of historical and older homes. They have become well known for their care and skills which sets them apart. Stephen and his team take pride in what they do and even go above and beyond the call of duty. His technicians have acquired the distinctive skills needed to accomplish any electrical challenge that they face.

It takes more than just a passion though to face and overcome the challenges Stephen and his team may face, such as understanding customers’ needs or wants; turning those needs/wants into a reality; determining how the customers’ homes are built; and being sensitive and caring of the customers’ living spaces. Stephen and his technicians work patiently with their customers to guarantee quality and efficient service.


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