Most frequently asked questions and answers

Please have a clear list of goals that you want to have accomplished. This way we can maximize our efforts. Having easy access to work areas will make the project move more smoothly. Also, please let us know about any pets you have.

If you notice any of these please call us right away;

-Outlets or switches that are hot to the touch
-Odor or burning from electrical devices


-Outlets that are loose or move

-Lights that dim or get brighter

-Loss of power

-Rust or water in the panel

-Damage to outside service cable

If in doubt, give us a call.

A 100 amp service will adequately supply power to an area where there are gas appliances such as a gas range, gas water heater, or a gas dryer. 

A 200 amp service will supply power for electric range, electric water heater, electric dryer, central air conditioning, and similar appliances.

If you are still unsure about which service you may need, call us and we can help you figure it out.

Knob and tube wiring is single strand wiring installed up until 1940. It is not grounded and is unable to safely supply power to modern devices. The electrical joints are not safely inside junction boxes and could arc. The insulation can deteriorate after time and the wire can heat up causing fire hazards.

Knob and tube wiring should be replaced so that the modern appliances in your home are safely grounded and your home is not put under unnecessary risk.

No. Our goal is to rewire homes without cutting open your walls and ceilings. We have developed new methods and manufactured new tools to assist us in this important goal.

First, determine what caused the breaker to trip and shut off all electrical appliances in the affected area. In your breaker box, find the effected switch and flip it into the OFF position. This resets the the tripping mechanism. Next, flip the switch ON, restoring power to the area. If the breaker trips again right away, do not reset the breaker and call an electrician to find the cause of the short circuit and repair as needed.


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