Whole House Rewiring

Knob & tube wiring is the first home wiring methods used and is still commonly found in older homes.  Homes with knob & tube wiring lack the electrical capacity to power a home with all of today’s modern conveniences.  Our technicians are extensively trained and highly skilled to rewire homes with knob & tube without causing damage to your home by opening walls or ceilings.

Lighting Design & Installation

Whether you’re looking for ambient or accent lighting, we take the lighting challenges in your home or office and create stunning solutions. While working with our excellent technicians, we will design a custom solution to fit your needs.
In your home, the right lighting can highlight artwork, brighten up dark stairways or areas of your home, and even set the mood or make your space feel more cozy. Under cabinet lighting can illuminate your countertops and transform your kitchen. In an office environment, improper lighting creates eye strain and can negatively affect productivity. We custom design your lighting to suit your business and maximize efficiency in your office.

Outdoor & Landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting can transform the appearance of your home or business. Whether you are looking to illuminate walk ways, highlight landscaping or to keep your home secure, we have the solutions that you are looking for.
Common outdoor lighting solutions include;

  • Motion sensor security lighting
  • Dusk to dawn timers and photo cell controlled lights
  • Low voltage landscape lighting
  • Decorative outdoor fixtures
  • Deck & patio lighting
  • Parking lot & driveway lighting

Home Lighting Control Systems

We are Lutron certified. We can design and install a lighting control system that fits your needs. We use the latest technologies in home control systems to give you the power to control your homes lighting from anywhere in the world. These systems can even be used to keep your family and home safe.

Electrical Service Replacements/ Upgrades

Why upgrade your electrical service?
Out-of-date or undersized panels can cause damage to electrical equipment in your home; dimming lights throughout your house; tripping breakers; and even starting fires. Upgrading to increase your electrical service gives you room for all your current electrical needs, as well as, providing for any future needs you may have.

Electrical Car Charging Stations

Due to recent growth of the electric car market, a car charging station installed in your garage could be a real asset for any electric car driver wanting to benefit from the full potential of their 100% electric car or plug-in hybrid.

Emergency Generator

Power outages often last for hours, days or even weeks, and can be costly if you’re not prepared. We can help make power outages more manageable by installing a generator for your home. We offer many different sizes and options of generators; you can speak with one of your highly skilled technicians to determine the best generator for your home’s needs.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Every electrical problem has a solution, so whatever the problem, we can fix it. Our specialty is resolving your homes electrical problems; we are skilled at troubleshooting and solving issues ranging from outlets and switches that stopped working to entire loss of power and everything in between.

Electrical Inspections & Code Violations

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or simply completing a routine inspection of your business, Stephen M Daniels Electrical Contractors can assist you with your code violation repairs.
Code violations have the potential to be serious and highly hazardous. In many cases, a homeowner has either attempted to do the work themselves or hired an unlicensed electrician in an effort to save money. Since National Electrical Codes are updated every 4 years, they likely don’t even know they have violated the code.
Some of the most common code violation repairs include:

  • Converting fuses to breakers
  • Non-grounded receptacles
  • GFCI protection
  • Improper panel wiring
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Improper wire splices

TV & Data Networking

From installing cable lines to data network we can take care of your home or business needs.

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